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Cs301 important topics for final term

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#CS301 important Topics for Finals
AVL tree
Lecture no 24
Parse tree
Lecture no 25
Expression tree
Huffman encoding
Lecture no 26
Mathematical properties of binary tree ( MCQS)
Lecture no 27
Properties of binary tree (Mcqs)
Lecture no 28
Complete Binary tree
Lecture no 29
Heap ,max,insertion in a heap
Lecture no 30
Insertion into a min- heap
Lecture no 31
Build heap
Lec no 32
PerculateDown Method
GetMin Method
BuildHeap Method
Lec no 33
Heap sort
Disjoint set ADT
Equivalence relationship
Lec no 34
Equivalence realtion
Lec no 36
Union by size
Union by height
Lec no 37
Image segment ( short)
Lec no 38
Table and dictionaries
Operation on table ADT
Binary search
Lec no 39
Seraching an array : B S
Lec no 40
Skip list (Mcqs)
Lec no 41
Quad node
AVL tree
Lec no 42
Linear probing
Lec no 44
Most imp
Lec no 45
Merge sort

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